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Welcome to my personal blog! It is multifandom blog as well; primarily: Nintendo - Fire Emblem: AwakeningAce Attorney I post art and my edits sometimes.

Male-Robin stole my heart(人´∀`*)

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Persona 5 TGS Trailer

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C O M I N G    2 0 1 5

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The sword accepted you as its master….”

「ぶれないアイで! 」(burenai ai de) by: Mitchie M!

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Ocarina Of Time Costumes 


chubby birds make me so happy


look at this precious thing oh my goodness


they are a bit cranky but they are just too cute


don’t talk shit though or it will end you


this has been a chubby bird appreciation post

good day

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hair power

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「Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies」 「
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Amiibo Available for Pre-order on Amazon!

Link | Pikachu | Samus | Mario
Marth | Kirby | Princess Peach | Donkey Kong
Fox | Yoshi | Villager | Wii Fit Trainer

Persona 3: Primary Colors

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Y O U   C A N   F E E L   N I N T E N D O ’ S   A N G E R

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